Pencil gives artists the opportunity and the space to share their work with a wider audience. We will hear about their creative process, the importance of collaboration and how they are responding to the challenges we face ahead. In addition to interviews, we will be sharing behind the scenes footage and documentaries from musicians, dancers, writers, illustrators, photographers, actors and sculptors. By creating this journal, we hope to initiate positive discussion from a community who are actively redefining the sector.

Chun Kwang Young

Korean artist Chun Kwang Young speaks to Pencil about his recent exhibition ‘Times Reimagined’ at the Venice Biennale and his decision to confront socio-ecological subjects.

Sofia Akel: Free Books Campaign

Education activist, Sofia Akel speaks to Pencil about the launch of Free Books Campaign, the continuous closure of libraries across the UK and whether lockdown has resulted in an illiteracy surge.

Damsel Elysium: Musician

Visual and auditory artist, Djenaba aka Damsel Elysium speaks to Pencil about the relentless pressures she faced in the classical world, her new love of the Double Bass and about her recent collaboration with the filmmaker Fenn O’ Meally on the cinematic short ‘Tall are the Roots.’

Sophie Rochester: Yodomo

We spoke to Sophie Rochester, founder of the craft platform Yodomo, to hear about the positive impact of participating in making activities and why she thinks there is a growing trend of MIY (Make it Yourself).

Yukiko Hiromatsu: Ceramicist

Japanese ceramicist, Yukiko tells us about her experience at Goldsmiths College with the pioneer of the conceptual art movement Michael Craig-Martin, working as a designer for Paul Smith and how her Japanese heritage in the sake industry inspired her to make ceramics.

Tanmay Saxena: Lane Fortyfive

Pencil spoke to Tanmay Saxena, founder of the leading unisex fashion label, LaneFortyfive to hear about his latest collection Come Again and his new venture into hat designs.

The Third Day: Autumn

A 12 hour live production with immersive theatre company Punchdrunk and Sky Atlantic on Osea Island.